2014 Hosta blooms
Pear Trees

May 7 2014 in St. Clair Shoresss

Eastland Woods Manor1 Condominiums is shown during summer months. We have planted Flowering Pear trees that replaced shallow root Maple treees  planted in the 70's. The Maple trees had shallow roots that had reached the building foundations which caused problems. Maples are beautiful trees but shallow roots prevent growth of anything else around them. We planted a couple of the Pear trees 3 years ago and they more than expected brought lots of smiles from our group.
     Still in progress, more additions will be made as we removed a number of trees this past year.. Possibly more Flowering Pear trees will be added. One area of removal had been 3 flowering crabapple trees that had lived out its purpose and created more labor.  Now the purpose of that area has to be thought about.

1/17/2014 Another snowfall with more to come! I think I will be doing indoor gardening through June, Grrr!

1/21/2014 I started to consider planting some perennials on the the island in the street of Ridgemont. Requirements include size, height, colors, trees? and keeping the rocks? Since the removal of trees in the landscape of the 3 buildings we must consider replacement (or not).  Small 4 ft trees? or more discussion with officers?

The neighborhood is changing as well as our building. We lost at least 50% of the value of our property. The adjoining building Townhouses
have troubles filling their units and the third association probabley lost their values as well. I shudder thinking about possible boarding up of
the condos and apartments in this area. We need to be alert to these dangers of building losses

Feb. 22,2014 with 36 degrees to be a high for today with lots of sunshine. There is hope for spring although next week is back down to
single digits. Can't shop for flowers yet. Following day 23'rd I added a picture of the wildflowers growing in my basement area.
Feb 24 added another flower container showing a vine growing
March 14, 2014 Temps warmer but not spring. We're melting a lot of snow thoug
h. Following on, March 31 begins with a bright sun and going up to the high forties or low fifties.

May 3, 2014 Sitting indoors Watching  Sparrows and a Black Squirrel eat the seed and nuts I put out earlier and listerning to  the Nat King Cole Trio playing their versions of 1940 and 41 era when good jazz and melodic music was available. King Cole and his cohorts were very popular during those years when I was 10 and 11 years of age. And I love to play the bands and orchestras of that time period yet.
May 7, 2014, the Cleveland Pear trees starting to bloom along side of summer picture 2013

June 26, 2014 Got the beautyberry shrubs in the ground and started edging around the hill a littel bit at a time. Still a lot of clean up to do.